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What is The Kingdom of Priest Covenant Fellowship?

The Kingdom of Priest Covenant Fellowship of churches is an international apostolic network of covenant churches founded in 2014 by Apostle Dawson, along with his wife Elder Beverly A. Turman-Dawson. Originally the KoPCF began as an extension of his local church in Williamsburg, Va., but quickly grew through church planting and international expansion. As God began to elevate Apostle Dawson, it became evident that the organization KoPCF) was becoming an apostolic movement that would bring life, transformation, order and leadership to churches, pastors, cities, para-church ministries and nations all over the world.

Throughout his ministry, Apostle Dawson was increasingly called upon to travel, bringing a fresh and clear voice to the Body of Christ concerning the Kingdom, and a new way forward. Today, KoPCF is in a growing number of nations around the world, and continues to extend its reach through church planting, empowerment programs, and advanced leadership training provided by Apostle William.

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