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Kingdom of Priests Covenant Fellowship

The Kingdom of Priest Covenant Fellowship of churches is an international apostolic network of covenant churches founded in 2014 by Apostle Dawson, along with his wife Elder Beverly A. Turman-Dawson.

Global Missions

“Reaching the Nations” is more than our slogan. It is the KoPCF heart’s cry that God will use all of us to “reach the nations” and to show his love to the hurting world around us – starting with those closest to us (family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors) then into our community, and eventually on a plane reaching people in another country. 

With a heart to “Reach the Nations”, we are journeying to the nations. The KoPCF covers a growing number of churches globally. Through our Global Missions, we have been able to make global impact by teaching economic empowerment, building churches and schools, providing social and economic resources, and leading souls to Christ.

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Guaranteed Spiritual Growth & Leadership Training

KoPCF Leadership Training Program:

• Provides leadership training and empowerment strategies.
• Impacts ministries worldwide.
• Conducts dynamic workshops tailored to leadership levels and ministry sizes.
• Led by Apostle Dawson, focusing on recognizing and maximizing leadership potential and strengths.

Senior Leadership Empowerment:

• Specialized workshops for senior leaders within ministries.
• Focuses on leadership administration and ministry resources.
• Provides tailored education and impartation from Apostle Dawson.
• Aims to equip senior leaders with effective leadership principles.

Regional and National Conferences:

• Workshops at KoPCF conferences focus on developing and utilizing leadership traits.
• Aims to effectively channel efforts for common causes.
• Offers in-depth workshops for senior leaders, providing ministry resources and administration guidance.
• Apostle Dawson imparts effective leadership principles to enhance ministries.

Church Guaranteed Spiritual Growth:

• KoPCF leadership training component shares impactful principles and proven techniques.
• Guarantees church growth through shared techniques and strategies.
• Tailored for pastors and their leadership cabinets.
• Aimed at ensuring continuous growth and impact within ministries.

KOPCF Ambassador Training & Mentorship Program

The KoPCF Ambassador Training & Mentorship Program has been established to provide proper biblical covering and fathering for senior pastors and their churches, as well as, senior leaders and those operating in Kingdom ministry.

Through this program, Pastors and Leaders are trained, developed and motivated to become maximized leaders making immediate and sustainable impact. Through this program, Pastors and churches have seen church membership empowered, energized and evangelistic movements locally and globally in their ministries.

Membership into the KoPCF Ambassador Training & Mentorship program provides a place of authentic relationship within an apostolic sphere that bolsters confidence, facilitates holistic leadership growth and promotes successful thinking for immediate ministry impact.

The Joseph Leadership Academy

We are creating a different sphere of fellowship that includes Pastoral Retreats, First Lady Counseling & Connection, Leadership Mentoring and More. Through these dynamic retreats and fellowship opportunities, Pastors, First Ladies and leaders have found encouragement, help and healing through the leadership unity and connection.

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