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Kingdom Of Priests Covenant Fellowship Application

8660 Pocahontas Trail, Williamsburg, VA 2385

Instructions: For all those interested in becoming a covenant partner with the Kingdom of Priest Covenant Fellowship, (KoPCF) please complete this form below.

This application has been developed to assist those who believe they’ve been led of God to enter into Covenant with the Kingdom of Priest Covenant Fellowship, hereafter referred to as (KoPCF). It’s purpose is to highlight the distinct difference between just joining any organization of the world versus entering into a God ordained Kingdom Covenant Relationship! To entered into a true covenant relationship is believed to be a “Life Changing” decision, and should not be entered into without great consideration and ample prayer. So the intent of this material is to 1. Define our “Covenant,” 2. Identifying the expectations that the KoPCF would have of you, and 3. Identify what you can expect from the KoPCF.

The Apostolic Mandate of the KoPCF is to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations about the Kingdom of God, and to demonstrate Great Power, and Great Grace as a Great Witness of His Khayil Glory! In order to to fulfill our mandate, we believe it’s necessary for every covenant partner to: 1. Forsake not the assembly of ourselves at a prayer alter each morning: 2. Participate in a monthly 24-Global Prayer Vigil. 3. participate as members of an apostolic team to “Go ye therefore” whenever possible. 4. Sow a Covenant seed each month towards our it’s fullfulment!

Churches: $250

Apostles/Prophets: $100

Bishops/Overseers: $75

Evangelist/Pastors: $50

Teachers/Elders: $50


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