Apostle William M. Dawson

Our Mission

Our Vision

organize an efficient and relevant fellowship for the enhancement of Apostolic Churches Worldwide.
educate and inspire the Pastors, ministers, leaders, and laity of these churches to achieve ministerial, prophetic and evangelistic excellence.
focus on the training of church leaders through the Ambassador Program for the expansion of church, and para-churches vision and membership.


On several occasions, history has provided the needed critical mass and need to thrust the church into breaking out of its box and becoming the force in the culture and society that God intended it to be.

Today, the church in the 21st century, has once again reached this critical mass. It is something so big and so obvious that the winds of change demand that we look hard at our models and face the reality that a different church must provide a different response to a postmodern age.

Our churches and organizations have become trapped in a kind of cultural captivity, in which our churches have increasingly become cultural islands – cut off from the mainland of life by an ever flowing and widening river of change.

This is not a matter of blame or fault. We must face a completely new situation. We can close our eyes, live in denial and be content with the current plight of the church. We can also stand fast in our pride of history and love of tradition and traditionalism, pretending all is well. Or we can face the challenges with courage, meet each opportunity with vision and faith and hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.


The church needs more than changes, it needs to be reformed. What we need involves more than tinkering with our worship. It is more than turning structures upside down. The change the church needs is more than human effort of its membership redirected. It is more than a change of mindset, it is an openness of spirit, a readiness to listen – “to hear what the spirit is saying” to the church, and a readiness not simply to change but to be changed by God Himself.

The current structure of the church will not accommodate what God is about to do. I’ve come to recognize that much of what we Christians had for all our lives called “church” had very little to do with the concept of “church” Jesus had in mind when He promised, “I will build My church…” (Mt. 16:18).


The time and season is right.

The growing disconnect between the true needs of the people and the priorities of the leadership is just as true for the church today as it is for the nation. So many anxious clergy seem to be unwilling to radically address the mounting crisis in the denominations they represent. Many church leaders are trying just to maintain rather than trying to build a better church or organization. The preoccupation of non-spiritual and religious ideas with lesser agendas, and the smugness of those “in charge,” have created a growing burden that many Christians can no longer support either intellectually or by faith. If Christianity is to survive in viable denominations; we must do whatever is necessary to become more actively relevant to global and local urgencies. “Churches,” “fellowships,” or whatever, have to be agents of Godly transformation to the contemporary world or they will be a big part of the world’s problems.


We are coming to the close of another season. The church in America and the world is in transition. The entire Body of Christ is in the midst of a changing over, an alteration. There is a “metamorphous” coming forth. We have no control over this conversion process. Just as the widow woman mourned the death of her husband, the Body of Christ is in a state of mourning the death of the old move.

That was good for that time of revival, but now we are moving into an apostolic age where God wants to build foundations. He wants to establish us and put His people on a straight path, put a vision within us, and give us a hope and purpose.

There is a dynamic prophetic coming in the church. In this new move, God is raising up a remnant out of the forerunners. He is raising an Elisha out of the Elijah. Not everybody is going to be a carrier of this anointing. It’s going to be a powerful ministry that is based upon principles of the Kingdom. It will change cities, regions, and nations.


Master Church Builder Concept

• Conceptualization & Networking Branding • Oversight & Covering • Reorganization & Reformation • Access to Ministry Resources that you Trust (Evangelists – Teachers – Consulting) • IRON SHARPENS IRON-Covenant
• Relationships
• 1st Lady Resources for Connection & Healing • Pastoral Resources for Relaxation and Renewal


• Relevant and progressive minded churches and leaders. • Pastors who are looking for Reformation and Manifestation. • Those seeking a movement that is centered in the Kingdom not Religion. • Those seeking to be relevant but yet doctrinally sound. • Leaders looking for expansion and promotion without politics. • Those looking to expand the Kingdom of God.


Original Framers

We will execute the vision by gathering men and women of this generation who will provide the framework and thrust to implement this KINGDOM mandate.

We are not tearing down old structures – we are building new! Old wineskins, no matter how radical, will only go so far. In other words, the church does not need renewal. It needs to be reformed! The only way to renew the institutional church is to wholly disassemble it and build something far different! The brittle wineskin of church practice and the tattered garment of ecclesiastical forms need to be exchanged, not just modified. Matthew 24:1-2 says, And Jesus said to them, “Do you not see all these things? Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down.”

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